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1. flexitarian restaurant

in the Czech Rep

Spojka Karlín is the first flexitarian restaurant in the Czech Republic. Our mission is to bring together all of those who want to eat properly and healthy. All at one table –vegan, vegetarian, or meat-lovers. There’s no preconceptions.



Flexitarian diet is a sustainable approach in which the usage of meat and animal products is not forbidden, only slightly reduced in response to ecological impacts associated with meat production. All meat we serve is of bio quality or comes from free range.

flexitariání spojka karlín

From breakfast


Our concept shifts throughout the day. In the morning, we are a nice café serving a coffee of high quality and rich breakfast dishes suitable for business meetings as well. During lunchtime we serve balanced meals for people from the neighbourhood. In the evening, you can enjoy exclusive dining experience including a wide range of wines and other drinks. Our á la carte menu offers both meat-containing and vegetarian/vegan versions of our main dishes because our food connects people without prejudice. Everyone who likes to start their day with a nutritious breakfast is invited to come to have brunch during the weekend.

jidlospojuje Spojka Karlin
Pivovar Záhora - Spojka Karlín

You & Us


Most of our dishes are hand-made from the start, while using fresh ingredients of high quality. We get eggs from Mr. Kubát’s family farm with an almost-one-hectare poultry run. Mr. Kalenda brings us fresh fish from his Chabrybárna, that is based on tradition, respect for craftsmanship and the highest quality. The meat we use, we get from Maso Domů and from BioPark, the project with dozens of Czech eco-farms from sumbontane areas involved. The REkrabička project helps us with take-away packaging solutions. The beer we serve is fresh and unpasteurized, from mini-brewery Záhora.


that brings people together

We enjoy variety and flavours because these two co-operate in creating the experience. We combine unconventional ingredients in order to provide made-to-measure catering services with food that everyone – vegans, vegetarians, meat-lovers – will enjoy. Our catering always makes sense – no matter if you’re hosting a brunch event, a private party, or an office party.

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Catering Spojka Events
Spojka Events - sál



An event venue with an industrial feel situated right next to the restaurant, provides synergy as well as the luxury of services. The versatile venue with capacity up to 300 people is perfect for conferences, workshops, corporate trainings, and parties. In case of interest, please check our Spojujeme website or contact us via phone +420 702 216 064, or e-mail: events@spojujeme.cz.